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Do you trust yourself to decide?

Sunday 17th August, 2014

If you’re struggling to make a decision right now and can’t pick from the options that are in front of you, then don’t force yourself to choose.

Whether it is personal or professional, take some time out to stop and breathe and ‘come back to yourself.’

It may be that you keep walking to the tipping point and then away from it, wanting to be sure of ‘something’ that you can’t quite put your finger on. more »

Are you stuck on how to let go?

Sunday 10th August, 2014

Sometimes before you can move forward in the right direction, there is a process of letting go that needs to take place.

When you have put time, energy and love into your cause, business, project, people or relationships, then it can feel really painful to walk away from that type of ‘investment’ more than a financial one. more »

Nurture & Reconnect Mini-Retreats in Verbier in August

Monday 21st July, 2014

Sign up for retreat sessions in August:

- Saturday 9th August 13.30 – 16.30hrs
- Saturday 16th August 13.30 – 16.30hrs

In the midst of your busy life, have you ever wanted to just press the Pause button?

This 3-hour retreat session is just the oasis you need to nurture your well-being! more »

Notice the day that you’re in

Sunday 20th July, 2014

Did you get up this morning with a huge list of jobs to do?

I’m sure that you did and as you started the first one, you were already thinking about the fourth, fifth, sixth one.

Do you remember much about that first job? How many times have you left the house, got half way down the road and had to turn back because you can’t remember if you locked the front door because you were already thinking about a dozen different things.

Slow things down more »

An easy way to explore your perspective on resilience with 3 amazing people

Sunday 13th July, 2014

I’ve just come back from holiday and one of my guilty pleasures when I’m away is to catch up on Desert Island Disc podcasts. That makes me sound 109 years old but never mind…

If you don’t know this very British institution, let me quickly explain. A person of note is interviewed and asked to choose 8 pieces of music that they would take with them to a desert island. You hear about their life and why those pieces are meaningful to them.

Why these 3? more »

You are not ‘just’ anything…

Sunday 29th June, 2014

If you had to stitch together all of the labels which you think describe the roles and personas that you have had through all of your experiences, what would they be? How generous would you be with yourself? How kind?

Now labels can be a tricky thing. Often we limit ourselves with them. more »

Good Stuff

The Guardian: Round Table 7 April 2010

 I sat as a panel member at a round table event hosted by The Guardian in April 2010. Its focus  was on the need for UK charities to develop their commercial skills so that they operated more effectively as social businesses. As a consequence they would create a better social return on investment. Click here to read more.

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