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It’s a zoo out there!

Sunday 6th April, 2014

Have you noticed what metaphors you are using lately to describe the challenges that you’re facing as a leader and a change-maker?

We all use metaphors to describe to other people and affirm for ourselves the way that we view the world, both positively and negatively. more »

Flow Wellbeing Workshops

Monday 31st March, 2014

I’m really excited to launch my Flow Wellbeing Workshops in Verbier, starting 5th April.

Creating flow in your life is what makes you feel happy, fulfilled and gives your life meaning. As a changemaker, your flow comes from making a difference in the world.

To be fully connected with your flow, you need to nurture your own wellbeing and happiness so that you can create it for others. Happy people make for a happier planet.

Click Balance Verbier @ Wholeycow Flow Wellbeing Workshops in April to download more information

“I remember when…”

Sunday 30th March, 2014

We increase each other’s capacity to adapt to challenges when we share experiences.

Whether it is life skills, leadership skills or business skills, the exchange of information connects us to goals and solutions. Absorbing the insights from similar journeys inspires and motivates us. more »

Taking action makes you happy

Sunday 23rd March, 2014

Ultimately, as a changemaker, you do your changemaking ‘thing’ because it makes you happy. It gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. You connect with it.

Sometimes, you are not aware of how happy it makes you until you stop doing it, or you are stopped from doing it.

There are always opportunities to take action on things that move you. more »

Significant moments and everyday happiness

Sunday 16th March, 2014

Two students came to me this week with ideas on how to raise 1000CHF.

One of the students is from Burkina Faso; the income would be used to install running water in the school from her home village and to rebuild a corner of the building which was collapsing.

The students wanted to commission people in the village to produce some local art and bracelets for which they would be paid. Those items would then be sold by the students to raise the funds.

Without really knowing it, they had just set up their first social enterprise. more »

Your journey is your destination

Sunday 9th March, 2014

I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

I think for us as changemakers it is even simpler than that.

I believe that the journey is the destination.  more »

Adapt, reach out, connect

Sunday 23rd February, 2014

There’s an old lady who has moved into a studio flat just up the road in the village. She moved in last Autumn and since then has started a trend of waving to everyone as they walk past.

Last weekend when it snowing she came on onto the balcony as I passed by. We said hello to each other and then she asked if the pavements were safe to walk on. more »

Weighing up a week, you make a difference

Sunday 16th February, 2014

How was your week?

Take a second to recognise that whatever you did, you’ll have made a difference.

The 7 days, with 7 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and 21 cups of tea (that’s my baseline)…the 300 people a day face to face, the 50+ conversations, the 20,000+ on social media. Try this inserting your own numbers by the way. more »

Good Stuff

The Guardian: Round Table 7 April 2010

 I sat as a panel member at a round table event hosted by The Guardian in April 2010. Its focus  was on the need for UK charities to develop their commercial skills so that they operated more effectively as social businesses. As a consequence they would create a better social return on investment. Click here to read more.

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