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Quirky is good!

Friday 12th December, 2014

Quirky is good!

In other words, it is your unique brand of magic that makes it important that you sit at the table and share your solution with the world.

There is after all, no-one else sitting around it quite like you! Anywhere. In. The. Universe.

If you’ve been holding back…well, it’s time to unleash your problem-solving creativity.

Start immediately. The world can’t wait.



Saturday 29th November, 2014

If you’re a professional woman wondering what decision to make and which direction to take after a setback then sign up today and find your way forward to happiness.

Women Who Move Mountains Online – The next programme starts 2nd January 2015. Stop being stuck and make it a magnificent year of happiness and moving mountains. Click here to sign up

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Join me and together we’ll move mountains!

The real reasons that you’re stuck after a setback

Saturday 29th November, 2014

Setbacks really hurt so you don’t want to feel like that again. Anxiety! Frustration! Flayed alive from the inside out!

I’ve worked through a number of biggies myself in my time, so I speak from experience.

After a setback it can be incredibly hard to know what decision to make or which direction to take to move forward.

So what are the real reasons that you are stuck? more »

Sign up for Women Who Move Mountains Workshop @ Kak.Alom Studio, Geneva 6th December

Thursday 6th November, 2014

Are you a heart-centred, dedicated Professional Woman who cares about making a difference in the world?

Are you at a point in your life where you are struggling with a decision to make, wondering what direction to take, worrying that your choice will lead to failure?

If you’re saying, ‘Yes!’ then this Women Who Move Mountains workshop is for you.

This is your opportunity to discover an approach to life that reconnects you to your confidence and happiness.

Take this time to nurture your well-being, so that you trust your choices, know how to overcome challenges and move forward to change the world in ways that are meaningful to you.

Sign up today and together we will move mountains!

Email to book your place.

67CHF per person including tea, snacks and materials.

A donation from every booking goes to Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda, so together we move more mountains.


Autumn’s rapture of resilience

Sunday 26th October, 2014

On the cusp of winter, the trees are making their final kaleidoscopic overtures celebrating their year.

It’s a beautiful explosion of autumn colour: reds, oranges, yellows and every shade in between. These leaves that have lived once make their grand finale before they fall. We take it for granted that a new leaf, that has never existed before and never will again, will grow in the Springtime.

It is a symphony in colour, demanding that we notice the call to honour the earth, honour the people around us and honour ourselves.  more »

Be present and tune into resilience

Thursday 2nd October, 2014

Be present and tune into the abundance of resilience that you are intrinsically bound up in: a constantly changing environment of adapting, growing, releasing and creating. more »

See abundance where you least expect it

Saturday 27th September, 2014

When you are feeling stuck, it’s easy to believe that there is no abundance in your life…or rather that there is a lot of stuff, but it’s not good!

Abundance is about fullness, an overflow of goodness. When you are happy, you see in everything around you.

It’s harder to look for when you are not somewhere that you want to be. more »

How to get out of the ‘Waiting Places’

Saturday 20th September, 2014

Whenever I’ve been working to overcome a challenge in my life, there always seems to be this ‘Waiting Place’…a bit like the Doldrums on the ocean. You’re not moving forward or back. You just seem stuck when you most want to move forward.

I know at those times, I was desperate to be anywhere else but there, yet I didn’t trust my own decision making to find a new path. more »

What happens when you force yourself to reconsider?

Sunday 14th September, 2014

Even when a situation looks barren and empty, there are steps that can be taken.

By virtue of the fact that there don’t appear to be choices, you are forced to consider, create and innovate new solutions.

So consider something that’s happening for you this week, where it feels like there are no options. Go wild, make a list starting with the craziest things that you could do to break out of this zone! more »

Good Stuff

The Guardian: Round Table 7 April 2010

 I sat as a panel member at a round table event hosted by The Guardian in April 2010. Its focus  was on the need for UK charities to develop their commercial skills so that they operated more effectively as social businesses. As a consequence they would create a better social return on investment. Click here to read more.

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